Oh, hi there
I'm Henry Shires

I'm a future Computer Engineer who is very much invested in the world of software. I work on websites, webapps, mobile apps, and integrations involving numerous APIs. And as an added benefit, I won't hesitate to drop a beat on the drum set.

What I Do

Web & API Development

The majority of my projects involve development on the web, from static webpages, to dynamic applications utilizing back-end databases and authentication. I am familiar with a number of frameworks including React and Bootstrap.

IT Solutions

I have provided solutions to basic household technical problems to numerous people in my local area. My expertise includes computer networking, computer hardware and basic PC repair, product recommendation, troubleshooting, and fixes for slowness.


I make videos for personal enjoyment, class projects, and even online communities. My works include fine arts elements while attempting to produce them with professional quality.
View my motion reel on my Media page.

About Me

Iowa Native

I'm currently studying Computer Engineering at Iowa State University and have lived in Iowa since day one. I'm a First-Year Honors student and am a part of the Cyclone Marching Band.


I have experience in a number of languages & concepts, have taken AP Computer Science courses, and work with code on a day-to-day basis.


I'm employed at a Code Ninjas franchise—A center for kids ages 7-14 to learn how to create their own video games and participate in STEM activites. I assist kids by teaching coding concepts, lead summer camps, and see kids' progress through our self-guided cirriculum as they experience the joy of coding.

Interested in my work?