My Projects

I've designed and built multiple webapps, programs, and integrations. View my featured ones below.

Casmium - Sports Analytics Software

The original idea for Casmium was initially pitched by my high school baseball team, with their goal in mind to have a way to store data from their games and make it easily accessible for use in the postseason. I collaborated with three other classmates as well as various helpers with marketing to create a webapp matching their feature requests. Due to its success, Casmium is now being marketed to teams all across Central Iowa with hopes of expansion to other sports and an increase in features.

Technical Specifications

  • Languages: React.js (website), React Native (mobile app), Node.js (server-side code), HTML/CSS
  • APIs: Google Firebase (auth, databasing, and hosting), Google Charts (data visualization)
  • Project Duration: February 2020-Present

Orion Antivirus - Malware Removal Tool for Windows

My antivirus program features a simple algorithm that reads a text file for sample MD5 hashes of known malware, compares it to a file the user has selected from their computer, and determines if it matches a virus. The user then has the option to delete the file from the computer if the program determines it is malware. I used the Cryptography library built into .NET and created a simple Windows Form with branding to make the program look appealing.

Technical Specifications

  • Language: Visual C#
  • Project Duration: October-November 2019

Estafeta Virtual Airline - Website and Flight Tracking Program

I was commissioned to create a web platform and flight tracking software for a virtual airline—an online group of people who simulate the operations and flights of an airline on a multiplayer flight simulation network. The airline is based off of the real-life Mexican mail service, Estafeta, and required me to inherit Estafeta's color scheme, fleet, and other operations specifics. I am still currently in charge of the Estafeta Virtual's web hosting, website content, and platform updates.

Technical Specifications

  • Languages: The web platform uses a Lavarel/PHP-based webapp that is used to manage virtual airline operations and flights. I customized phpVMS to our needs using HTML/CSS, Lavarel, and a bit of JavaScript. For the flight tracking program, I contributed to an existing, open-source program written in Python to accelerate the project's completion.
  • Project Duration: July-August 2020, although I am still actively involved in the virtual airline's operations.


I additionally created two games: one in JavaScript and the other in Unity 3D. You can view each below
(not designed for mobile devices).

Atari Breakout screenshot
Brickmash (Atari Breakout)

A simple version of Atari Breakout built in JS several years ago. This was one of my very first programs and I still enjoy it to this day (despite the aging code).

Feed The Ball screenshot
Feed The Ball

Feed The Ball was my introduction to the world of Unity 3D game design and C# programming. My goal was to create a simple, yet entertaining, 3D platformer and later on submitted this project to the College Board for the AP Computer Science Principles exam.

Other Projects

View other stuff I've worked on for school or in my spare-spare time.

ExiVue - Existentialism Visualizer

An interactive visualizer on the concept of Existentialism for educational or recreational use. I created this project for one of my high school teachers to use in her future Language Arts classes.